Windows 10 update problem

Let’s face it, – technology is not perfect. We still have many quarks to get over. Window’s while is one of the top pieces of software out it is not above problems as well. As windows haven’t got the possibility to turn off updates, there are many users who experience blue screen after recent Windows updates.

In fact the window’s 10 update needs serious Microsoft attention. Below you will find out what the window’s 10 update boot loop is and how you should go about fixing the problems.

What is the Windows 10 update boot loop?

When Windows 10 was released, Microsoft provided those with 7 and 8 a free upgrade for a year. Since then many windows users have had difficulty with an endless rebooting of their systems when new updates are available.

In 2017 a Windows update blue screen reboot started to be a very common problem. Microsoft keeps working on these update problems, but so far they cannot fix them. We are experiencing blue update screen problems on weekly basis!

What to do if your update is stuck?

“We couldn’t complete the updates” or “Failure configuring windows update, reverting changes”. What to do? Sadly there is no easy solution for this problem. It is not possible to easily fix this windows update loop problem.

How can we help?

When the windows update stuck in infinite loop first what we can do – is to save your important data. If you have important data is very important not to try to repair windows by yourself. If you will try to play with the options provided on the blue screen, you can end up deleting all the data on your computer. To recover this data can cost you up to a week and it can be expensive to do (depending on data amount of course).

After your data is safely backed up, we will then repair your windows system. Sadly there is no possibility to save your installed programs after Windows updare crash. Programs will need to be reinstalled again.

Good news – Windows will be working as fast as they were working when you just bought your computer.

If you like – to prevent windows 10 upgrade problems, we can disable future updates on your computer.

In Conclusion

All computers can have some difficulty with upgrades, Windows is not immune to these problems. They ensure that their users are satisfied with what they are receiving and how well it is working for them.

Generally checking their website will help you ensure that you are informed of problems that may come up before you have them but reporting them if you have them can help many other users as well. There is a lot of information available if you are having a windows 10 update boot loop problem.