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Hp Omen gaming laptop fan cleaning


The customer called with the overheating issue with HP Omen gaming laptop. When playing games or using high resource-demanding programs, laptop fan becoming very loud and the laptop got very hot too quickly.

Our laptop repair engineer came to East London and cleaned the dust from laptop fans. the dust was stuck to the fan because it was kept in a quite wet environment. This means the dust is stuck to the fans and it makes fan spinning too difficult.

Engineer cleaned both fans and repasted the cooling paste. This HP gaming laptop cleanup took around 50 minutes and costed a flat fee of £60.

After cleaning the laptop is much quieter and much cooler.

If your gaming laptop is overheating when playing games or using professional programs, give us a cal and we will arrange a home visit to clean your laptop cooling system. You can book cleaning service online by visiting our laptop cleaning London page.