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When you need on-site computer repair services in GREATER LONDON we’re who you call. Our engineers are friendly, polite, and approachable.

Our PC callout engineers work when you do. And that means we don’t let your MAC, Laptop or PC issues get in the way of your work. Or your home life. Wherever you are, and whatever the problem is, our onsite computer repair services are available 7 days a week.

Onsite Computer Repair London


Our onsite computer repair services are fairly priced (£60 – £90). We charge a fixed rate for known issues, and an excellent £60 hourly rate for more complex support (except data backup).

You don’t have to pay for services you don’t use, and we never charge you for hidden extras.

Home And Office On Site Computer Support


We fix computers at your home and in your office. Or wherever you want. If you run a startup business from a converted marine container in Bermondsey, or a design company from a shed in Shoreditch, we’ll be there to keep your IT infrastructure sound.

If you’re a busy mum in Marylebone, a nanny in Norbury, or a stressed-out dad in Dulwich, we’ll come to your house and make sure your computer behaves itself — even if your kids don’t.


Our onsite computer support is carried out by expert engineers who know how frustrating IT issues can be. They’re also experts in everything computer-related. They know Windows machines and Macs inside out and back to front.

They won’t make things worse by talking in geek-speak, and they won’t leave coffee cups all over the desk. They’ll just come in, diagnose the problem, and get the job done. Fast.

Please fill in this form to arrange a visit to your home or office. One of our engineers will call and confirm your booking.
Hour Minute
Resurrected 2 broken laptops for me. Good communication, flexible service and reasonable prices.
Steven Bywater
08:02 07 Mar 17
Fast efficient service. Cleaned up all my computers in one afternoon and saved one that I thought was beyond repair.
Financial Gym Ltd
21:25 03 Mar 17
Just had my laptop resurrected and the engineer was fantastic. Very patient, very knowledgeable and knew exactly what he was doing. If I ever have another computer problem, I'll definitely give these guys a call. Great price, Great job, thanks a lot!
Siu Mun Li
20:16 23 Jan 16
Done and dusted very quickly with no complications! Amazing! definitely will use them again.
Block Solicitors
11:44 15 Jul 16
Very quick and professional service. Highly recommended.
Verslo Zemelapis |
10:30 26 Jul 17
Excellent, professional and customer orientated specialist, highly recommended
Lithuanian Beer
10:04 03 Aug 17
Speedy and accurate service, professional and friendly. Very happy, also with the price. Highly recommended.
Chiara Tixi
21:28 14 Sep 17
Highly recommended! Very fast and professional service.
Elmaras Dobilas
11:44 27 Aug 17
Your engineer is excellent he was very helpful nothing was too much trouble
Pat Timms
11:42 14 Aug 17
Very professional. Recommended!
aldas Ten
11:22 01 Sep 17
Ernie came to repair my computer for me today - he was brilliant - would definitely use him again and recommend him and the company to anyone looking for fast, professional PC repairs.
jayne springer
20:24 18 Aug 18
Was so impressed with this service. My Macbook Air was dead after stupidly spilling a glass of red wine onto it. After being told by my local shop that it would take 14-21 days I phoned CR Ltd and was told it would take 1-2 days. Not only that but my mac would be collected and dropped back for no extra charge other than the cost of the repair. I thought it was too good to be true and was worried that something wasn't right. I didn't need to worry - my dead laptop was delivered back to me the next day for the cost originally quoted and is working perfectly as if the wine incident had never happened. Couldn't have asked for more.
John Adams
10:25 12 May 18
These guys were a great help! No nonsense analysis, and really flexible to suit my schedule. I'm very impressed.
Bart Korzilius
14:21 21 Jun 18
Trustworthy guys and a fair price and sticks to quotations. Nice to see an honest engineer. Will come back
03:02 30 Jun 18
Same day computer repair. Fast and efficient.
Eco Home Log Cabins
20:07 20 Aug 18
We are using this company for all IT issues. Highly recommended.
G&V Financial Services
17:01 19 Sep 18
Really great service. Gave over my laptop details over the phone, received a text with the estimated cost for parts. Owing to the pandemic I was offered a drop off time for the same day. If the screen was in stock Lee said it would be repaired on the day. Lee also gave me all the info about how long it would be (roughly) if my screen type wasn't in stock. Lucky for me my screen type was in stock and it was repaired within the hour. Very reasonable price too. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thank you
kelly Thwaites
17:06 01 Jun 20
This place is brilliant. I had a CPU problem which most places said was unfixable. So I thought I was down £300. I dropped my PC to Lee at 10:30am and had it back at home and fixed by 1:30pm the same day. And it cost me £60. Lee is a guy who knows what he is doing, charges a fair price and gets it done quickly. Don't make the mistake of going somewhere else.
Jo Smith
08:47 10 Jan 21
Very good service, very happy with the result. They were able to repair a water damaged graphics card, a very challenging repair, for a very good price. They gave me an estimate without charge, and got back to me in good time once it had been completed.
Charlie Wigglesworth
12:41 04 Nov 20
I'm glad I went to this place, they were honest about my situation and offered some options. I needed the laptop to be fixed, and it was done within a 24hr window. Amazing and efficient work! I recommend it!
Kristina A
21:35 18 Nov 20
Excellent, prompt and honest service by Lee. I knew there was a problem with the hard drive and thought there were also screen connection problems. Lee was honest and told me there was nothing wrong with the screen when tested. He replaced the hard drive in my HP Envy laptop within a couple of days getting it back to working order. Reasonable cost and delivered to me at home. What more could we ask for.
Nuz Ch
14:06 15 Nov 20
Computer Repair LTD is absolutely amazing. Lee successfully diagnosed and repaired my PC within a matter of hours. This company is very professional and their customer service is excellent.Lee is a very talented individual and very skilled at his work, and can resolve even the most challenging problems.I can confidently say that Computer Repair LTD is one of the very best computer repair companies in London, and I would highly recommend them 👍
Alexander Prince
17:59 13 Sep 21
They were very quick, it took less than a week. They completely repaired my laptop's damaged motherboard and cleaned it. It looks brand new. It works just as good as it did when I got it. Thank you so much for your help!
Safaa Ahmed
16:09 05 Oct 21
A month before my final submissions at university, my hard drive failed. I thought that I lost all my files. Lee replaced the faulty hard drive, recovered the files and upgraded my laptop in no time. Very professional service and experienced, skilled specialists. I highly recommend it!
Ola Miarka
08:19 19 Jul 21
Took my laptop to these guys at 4.30pm on a Monday afternoon as I had a number of sticky/faulty keys on my MacBook Pro. Lee diagnosed the problem immediately. The keyboard was cleaned, faulty keys replaced and the laptop delivered back to me at home at 9am the next morning. Can't recommend Lee and these guys enough.
Wattsinho 31
11:11 05 Oct 21
Dropped my laptop on its end with charger attached, which rammed the charging jack into the case, also damaged end casing. 8 years old? Worth replacing or fixing? Being an i7, with SSD & touchscreen, nearest new replacement £700+. Got a very reasonable quote for repair - new jack was fitted, and almost invisible repair on the end casing; this came in at 1/10th of a new laptop, and was completed in a couple of days. I'm well happy with that! Thank you very much.
Philip Brough
21:14 29 Jun 21
Responsible and dedicated to this business, a person capable of not only giving the correct verdict, but also of charging you a reasonable price! Drilled thanks to Linas' (Lee's) assistance, and 5 stars.
Gabriel-Alexandru Ionescu
07:31 30 Oct 21
My laptop suffered from BSoD to the point where I couldn't installed windows. Tried to resolve it myself with new M.2 drive & RAM but did not solve the issue.Initial call made on Thursday, spoke to Linas. I told him what the problem was and what I've tried to resolve so far. Unable to diagnose over the phone so agree to bring the laptop to him the following day.Friday, called again before heading out and gave Linas an ETA. When I got to South Woodford station, the premises was fairly easy to find ( Assuming you got out at the correct side of the station). However, there was no one in there. Shortly after, Linas came in and greeted me. I repeated what I said on the phone again. I I left my laptop with him and he took my details on the system. Shortly after, I received an email to confirm to service request.Saturday Mid-day, I received a call from Linas. He told me he had finished the diagnostic on the laptop and return with good news and bad news. He explained the findings and suggest possible courses of action. He also gave me reasonable quotes of the repair depends on the option I choose.Initially I've ask Linas to replace the faulty part as I don't want to lose any performance of my laptop. However, I have changed my mind over the weekend and settle with a limited but functioning CPU.After using the Laptop for a couple of days. CPU doesn't seems to limit/affect the software I use.From my observasion, Linas was pofessional, knowledgable and friendly. They've definintely earned my recommendation.
Joao Vong
12:45 20 Oct 21


We’re flexible, too. You can book our on-site computer services as you need them, or arrange a monthly contract for onsite PC support. Whatever suits you best. And if you need to change from one to the other at any time, that’s not a problem. We don’t tie you to contracts you can’t get out of. And we don’t make it hard to get into a contract, either.


Our computer repair callout service include data retrieval. So the worst-case scenario doesn’t have to be the worst-case scenario. Our skilled engineers can pull data out of almost any hard drive, in almost any condition.  You don’t have to worry about anything – your data is safe.   Our onsite repair service is secure. We work to strict data protection protocols, and our engineers are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, or any security documentation you would like them to. We keep your data as safe as top-secret government information, even if it’s just a shopping list. Our onsite computer support service is as flexible as you need it to be. We can come to your home or place of business and install the new version of Windows for you. We can get your iMac to talk to your AirPort and your AirPort to talk to your network router. Or we can deliver a full IT backup service including hardware advice and remote access. You choose what you need. And we do what you want. Because onsite services should be simple, not complex.


We understand that onsite computer support needs are different if you’re a home computer user or a business user. And we understand that onsite computer repair requirements change as hardware ages or your business grows. So we provide a simple, hassle-free service to all our clients. As much or as little as you want, when you want it, at a price you can’t beat anywhere else. Leaving you to get on with the important stuff, like running your business. Or stopping the kids from smearing jam all over the TV. So whether you need a simple PC repair at home, or a complete onsite PC support package, we can keep your IT headache-free. And your home or business life simple. It’s what we do.

The in home computer service. For all of London.

We’re the in home computer service that services the whole of London. All of it. We don’t cut you off if you’re outside the City, or if you happen to live just over the road from the boundary of a borough. If you’re within the M25, we do computer call out services in your area. And we’re quick. If you call us with an emergency, we’ll attend the same day. And in 90% of cases, we’ll get your computer fixed on the same day, too.

Call out computer repairs. That don’t stop until you do.

Our engineers are available 7 days a week, daytime and evenings. And that means our call out computer repairs don’t stop just because the dinner’s on, or the sun’s gone down. Winter and summer, day in, day out, if there’s a computer call out in London, we’re on it. That’s probably why we have so many satisfied customers. And it’s definitely why we’re always employing new engineers, and opening new shops.

Like having an IT department. Without having to pay for an IT department.

Our onsite support is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The cost of running your own IT department can be prohibitive. You don’t have the space for an IT office, and you can’t afford to pay wages to someone who’s only needed when things go wrong. But you can afford to employ an on site computer service, which comes out when you need it and doesn’t charge you when it’s not working. You get all the benefits of having your own IT department—familiarity with your business and hardware, instant access to problem-solving expertise—and none of the drawbacks. So no more having geeks onsite with nothing to do. Who clutter up the breakout room with Game of Thrones coffee cups, and scare off the new girl by shouting at her for installing Instagram on her company phone. When you use our onsite computer service, you get approachable professionals, who are only on your premises for as long as it takes to sort out your problems and get everything running smoothly again. Leaving more room in your kitchen for coffee cups.

Fast on site computer repair.

You may have heard of Barry Allen. He’s The Flash, the fastest man in the world. And he only uses his powers for good. Never evil. Well, our onsite computer repair is like that. Fast. And good. In fact, we reckon we might be the fastest on site computer repair company in the world. And we only use our powers to make your IT equipment work better, and last longer. We mobilise a team of expert computer engineers to fix your problem, usually on the same day you report it. And we work quickly to solve your issues and get your business or home connected again. In the majority of cases, 90% in fact, we’re able to repair your computer on the spot. Like we said: fast on site computer repair. Barry Allen fast. Hey, we never said we weren’t geeks. Just that we aren’t geeks who only talk in tech-speak. Run, Barry, run!

No fix too small. No problem too massive.

Sometimes, our computer repair at home service is called out to make a desktop machine run faster, or we’re asked to uninstall a pesky app on a laptop. And other days, we’re knee-deep in network cables and faulty hard drives. There’s no issue too small to call us for. And we’ve never met a job that daunted us. You see, our engineers are the best at what they do. And they do it all, from home computer setup to business network engineering.

Our onsite computer repair rates can’t be beat.

We can’t be beat. And we won’t be beat. Our onsite computer repair rates are consistently checked against our competitor’s prices. You won’t find a service of comparable quality for a better price. And because we keep checking, week in, week out, you never will.

Safe, secure on site computer support.

We understand that when you hire us to provide on site computer support, you’re trusting us with more than just your hardware. Whether your machines are used for work or pleasure, or for both, they contain records of the websites you visit and the files you create. We believe all data is personal, no matter what it is. And we take extreme measures to ensure yours is secure at all times. Our engineers are personally responsible for your data. They’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement to that effect. And that goes for home computer users as well as businesses. Like we said, we believe all data should be protected. And that means your latest shopping list as well as eyes-only product files for your client’s next launch window. There’s not a kilobyte we don’t treat with the utmost respect. We won’t look at it, and we won’t disseminate it. Ever. You don’t just have our word for that, you have our signature. On the dotted line.

Home computer repair. Using business-class parts.

Our home computer repair engineers only fit high-quality replacement parts. Most of them are in regular stock at our shops, too. So whether you need a new logic board for a MacBook Pro, or a replacement screen for a Surface, we can usually find and fit it on the day you call us. If we can’t, we’ll get it in next-day. Oh, and all replacement parts fitted by our home computer repair engineers are guaranteed for one year.

Onsite PC repair. That costs less than the branded option.

Here’s the thing about branded onsite PC repair options: you pay for the brand. National computer call out companies and manufacturer-approved care services have overheads we don’t. Like large centralised repair warehouses, and fleets of trucks running faulty and fixed computers from and to their owners. Our onsite PC repair service is run completely in-house. We keep our own stock of spare parts. We employ expert Mac and PC engineers. And we attend every computer call out ourselves. In sensible vehicles. Without logos all over them. All of this means two very important things: one, you only pay for the onsite repairs service we offer, and not the extras that come with branding and national reach. And two, you get the work done quicker, at a time to suit you. No wonder we call ourselves the ‘local on site repair company for London’. Because you get local service, local prices, and local speed. It makes perfect sense to us, and we think it’ll make perfect sense to you too.

Mac. PC. It’s all the same to us.

A faulty computer is a faulty computer. So one’s silver and the other one isn’t. Under the hood, the same components do the same things. Right? Well, sort of. Actually, Macs are put together a little differently to Windows machines. But that’s not a problem for our on site computer repair engineers. You see, we employ PC experts to sort out PC problems, and Mac experts to sort out Mac problems. Simple, really. And that means we always know the difference between an OS X issue and a faulty logic board. Or the symptoms that define a bad network connection and a Windows-incompatible app.

We clean Windows. And climb El Capitan.

Our on site computer services include full software and operating system support. If your PC or laptop isn’t running the latest version of Windows, or your Mac isn’t up to date with its OS X versions, we can do an install for you. We can help if your latest software update has made your machine act strangely. Or your programs are refusing to load. Whatever the software issue, our on site repair service can put it right. We can also solve software issues remotely, so you can get back to work even faster.

Computer repair on site. For business that are too busy to wait.

Pressed for time? Rushing to deadline day, or desperately trying to get your presentation ready for the new client? No worries. We’ll do your computer repair on site, so you don’t have to waste a moment. Our engineers come to you, diagnose and fix most problems there and then, and can even come back with the spare parts you need if you don’t want us to take a faulty machine back to our shop. So don’t waste time wasting time. Talk to us today, and have your computer repaired. Today.


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