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Computer repair Ltd provides high quality PC, Laptop, Mac, Phone and Tablet repairs in London and the surrounding area. Our coverage is for IT support extends from London postcodes to the Greater London area (including Middlesex) plus a 20 mile radius outside London, and Kent. If you would like to know if we provide IT services in your area, please contact us (you can find our details on the Contact Us page of this site).

How we work

The majority of our IT services London are carried out remotely, using desktop access or Cloud based software interfaces. We can diagnose most problems and faults over the phone, and failing that by directly accessing your servers and machines to test for faults and isolate the issue.
If we need to send an engineer to your place of business, we will endeavour to do so within good time. Emergency callouts are responded to within two hours where traffic permits. We will always call you to update you on our progress. We keep our coverage to a 20 mile radius of London to ensure that our IT support services are always made available in a timely fashion.

Remote coverage

Remote coverage for our IT support in London and the surrounding area is limited to the same 20 mile radius. This is to ensure that we can always attend your premises within a reasonable timeframe if we need to escalate from remote access to hands on repair.

Coverage for IT management and IT department backup

Again, while much of our IT management services and IT department automated backup is done remotely, we retain the same coverage area.

Computer Repair Ltd run call-out and collect and repair computer repair services – which significantly reduces the costs necessary in maintaining a publically available building. By defining our catchment area to London and Greater London areas only, we made the next logical step – keep it local, keep transport costs to a minimum, ensure low prices for customers plus the customer satisfaction gained through quick service.

Because we are running our computer repair service through the London and Greater London areas only, we can pretty much guarantee same-day and even same-hour service for most of our customers. Now, the number one priority for anyone who needs the services of a computer repair company is speed: the computer is an indispensible part of modern life, particularly business life, and the longer one spends without one, the more inconvenient things become. A computer repair service that works locally, charging what are effectively local rates, is an extremely attractive proposition.