Have you just had an accident with laptop? It could be water, teas, coffee, juice, wine, beer, milk, coke. Once liquid gets into the the laptop it can cause a whole load of problems.

Here at Computer Repair Ltd we are specialists in liquid laptop damage repair and data recovery.


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Consider this repair more as a thorough cleaning and inspection service. No guarantee that your device will be repaired, but simply that it is cleaned and fully tested. If the repair requires replacement parts, those will be additionally charged.


When you’re deciding whether to fix liquid damaged laptop, you should always start by getting a free repair quote.

Without knowing how much a computer repair will cost, you’re flying blind. We will diagnose damaged laptop problems and provide you with the repair estimates.




Bring your computer for diagnostics. We will check what faults liquid damage caused to your laptop free of charge if you will decide to repair with us.

Liquid damage is something very dangerous to any laptop. Therefore it is necessary to fix this issue As soon as possible.

One of the most common accidents that may happen to your laptop is liquid damage. Liquid damage can occur when any liquid enters the computer, for example is a drink has been spilled. Water damage can be very dangerous for your laptop internal components and can destroy the device for good if not treated. That is why when your computer is suffering from liquid damage you need the to repair it as fast as possible using a professional service. Only an expert will be able to withdraw all the liquid from your device and repair your laptop so you can once again enjoy it as you did before.

Our Liquid Damage Repair Services includes full diagnostics or ultrasound cleaning. With the ultrasonic purification process, we strive to completely restore your laptop and most of the time, there is no other part that is to be replaced in the laptop. In case more parts are required, together with the water damage repair service, they will need to be purchased. We ensure that the laptop works properly or is operated when damaged components are replaced. We will provide a couple of different options including data recovery if we can’t get your device working.

Sometimes your laptop may still work even for several days after a situation like these but progressive electro-corrosion will cause irreversible changes to its motherboard. So cleaning now is very important.


  • Immediately Shut down your Laptop by the power button
  • Unplug the the power adaptor right away
  • Keep the computer open and turn it upside down. Lay it flat on a towel
  • Next your going to need to remove or disconnect the battery
  • Store your laptop in a warm dry place like an airing cupboard for 24 hours
  • Contact us with full details of what has happened and we can arrange for a cleaning and diagnostics

If the laptop has external battery you can easily remove it from the bottom. If however you have a newer laptop or ultrabook you will need to remove the bottom plate with a philips screw driver then disconnect the battery from the motherboard. If you’re unable to remove battery – bring your liquid damaged laptop to us. We’ll removce it for you.


  • It is important not to try and switch on the laptop once this has happened
  • Do not shake it as this could make it worse. In any case do not use use a hair dryer.
  • Do not put it in a bag of rice – this is a myth.

After liquid damage there is a good chance of your laptop to be working again, however it is more than likely new parts will be needed and in some cases it could work out none economical to get it repaired.

Have you tried to turn your laptop on after liquid damage? You may find that it is not powering on at all or maybe when you plugged the power cable in and the LED on the laptop power supply is dimly lit. It can be possible that the keys or the keyboard are not working, trackpad not responding or the screen is black. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms its very important you not follow the what to do if liquid gets in my laptop above procedure. Once you have followed this then give Computer Repair Ltd a call.

The possibility of repair is based on where actually the liquid has made contact on the motherboard. It only take a very small amount to cause major damage to the internal parts. The mother board has many small components that play a vital role in the running of the laptop. Here at Computer Repair Ltd in London we have seen, repaired, recovered data from many a liquid damaged computers.

Unfortunately, fixing liquid damage for the laptop is one of the hardest repairs, it requires quick action from you – otherwise your computer may be ruined for good. First thing you need to do is separate the device from the liquid, the quicker the better.

At our company we have the best experts in laptop servicing, which are known to have a certain expertise in the computer repair field. When you will bring or ship your device to us, the technicians will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis. Laptop water damage repairs begin with disassebling the motherboard and cleaning it in the ultrasonic washer. After the bath we will dry all the components and diagnose the damages to give you a complete quote. As soon as you approve the estimate we will start working on your device immediately and we will do the best we can to complete the repairs as fast as possible.

We do our best when it comes to reducing laptop liquid damage repair costs and try to keep them to a minimum, but the final price depends on many factors. You – as a user – may also lower it a bit by following our guidelines listed above. If water has been spilled on the computer – immediate action is required, otherwise the device may need an advanced repair or even might be ruined for good. The liquid damaged repair cost will be complied and emailed to you after a full thorough diagnosis. If the estimated price of the service is too high for you – feel free to cancel the repair and only pay the £60 fee for diagnostics.

If you spilled liquid on your laptop and you want our experts to proceed with the laptop repairs for water damage, feel free to message or call us. We are ready to fix it as fast as we can!

Our South Woodford London office is open Monday to Friday between 11am and 7pm, you may visit us and leave your laptop in store or send it. If you live outside the town it is not a problem – we offer a Send-in-Service as well. Our experts will be doing their best to repair the computer within as little time as possible. But repair duration depends on the type of damage.




We disassemble the laptop first and prepare motherboard with other affected parts for special cleaning.

We need 1-2 days to complete the liquid damage cleaning process. In many cases this service fixes your laptop. Once the cleaning and inspection service has been completed, the cleaning fee is non-refundable regardless of whether the laptop has been repaired or not. We can still try to retrieve your data even if the laptop cannot be repaired.