HARD DRIVE replacement

We can diagnose and replace your faulty hard drive in no time. We are using high quality, fast but affordable Solid State Drives (SSD) for the hard drive replacements. This significantly improves your computer speed and reliability.

You can bring your laptop to Us or our enginer can come and replace your faulty hard drive right at your home or office.


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Hdd To Sdd Upgrades Replace Hard Drive With Solid State Drive Replacement Services London

Hard drive to Solid state drive UPGRADES

SSD (Solid state drive) can greatly improve your computer performance. It can be up to 20 times faster that traditional Hard drives! We can upgrade your existing hard drive and transfer your existing data to the new one. This way you’ll keep working with your existing system and data in no time.

Prices from as low as £80

Our professional laptop hard drive replacement is really affordable. If you just need HDD replacement, it will cost you just £80 including 500GB Solid state drive (Windows reinstallation not included). Hard drive replacement with existing system transfer will cost you £160. Don’t wait until you’ll loose data – call us for the best solutions.

Small Ssd Expanding Services Increasing Hard Drive Size Solid State Drive Upgrade London

Small SSD EXPANDING & upgrades

For some cheaper laptop computers there is limited space (usually 32 GB) that cannot be upgraded via traditional SSD drives. You need to solder special slot to upgrade to a bigger drive.

Our small disk increase service is for a cheap Acer, Asus and other laptops that is constantly short on space. Call us and we will tell you how to increase your disk space. This especially important when windows have not enought space when you try to update your system.

DATA transfers and recovery

We can clone your existing drive to a new one so you’ll keep working right there where you left it. If you want start from the scratch – we will install a new windows onto your new drive and transfer your existing data to a new system.

Data Transfer Services London From Old To New Drive Computer Data Transfer
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Hard drive replacement can be done right at your home or office. If you’re sure your hard drive is failing, just schedule a home visit and engineer will replace your hard drive in no time.

Windows fails to load, blue screen, very slow computer – these can be the signs for the faulty hard drive. Just give us the call before you’ll loose all the data and we will repair your computer and save all your precious pictures.

Hard drive replacement FAQ

Welcome to our detailed FAQ section for ‘Laptop Hard Drive Replacement, HDD to SSD Upgrades, and SSD Size Upgrades’. This comprehensive guide is designed to answer all your questions about upgrading your laptop’s storage. Whether you’re considering replacing an old hard drive, switching to a faster SSD, or expanding your storage capacity, this section provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

A laptop hard drive replacement involves removing the existing hard drive and replacing it with a new one. It’s typically done to increase storage capacity or replace a failing drive.

Upgrading from an HDD to an SSD can significantly improve your laptop’s performance. SSDs are faster, more reliable, and consume less power, leading to quicker boot times and better overall efficiency.

SSDs offer faster data access speeds, are lighter, more durable, have no moving parts (reducing the risk of mechanical failure), and operate more quietly than HDDs.

Most modern laptops can be upgraded to SSDs, but it’s important to check your laptop’s specifications or consult with a professional to ensure compatibility.

SSD compatibility depends on your laptop’s form factor and interface (e.g., SATA, NVMe). It’s best to check your laptop’s specifications or consult with a laptop repair technician.

Replacing your hard drive with an SSD requires data transfer. If not backed up, data can be lost, so it’s crucial to perform a data backup before upgrading.

SSD storage needs vary based on usage. For general use, 256GB to 512GB is often sufficient, while more intensive tasks might require 1TB or more.

An SSD size upgrade involves replacing your current SSD with one of a larger capacity, allowing for more storage space on your laptop.

The process can take anywhere from one to two days, depending on the laptop model and the complexity of the upgrade.

Upgrading to an NVMe SSD is possible if your laptop has an NVMe-compatible slot. It’s important to verify this compatibility beforehand.

You can keep it as a backup, use it as external storage with an enclosure, or responsibly recycle it if it’s no longer functional. Do not forget to wipe all your data for security reasons. We can help you with that too.

This depends on the manufacturer’s policy. Some warranties might be voided, so it’s best to check before proceeding with an upgrade.

While it’s possible to do it yourself, the process can be intricate and risks damaging your laptop. Special tools may be required. Seeking professional help is recommended.

Risks include potential data loss if not backed up properly, and physical damage to the laptop if the upgrade is not done correctly.

Yes, SSDs are more energy-efficient than HDDs, which can lead to improved battery life.

Yes, common types include SATA SSDs, which are similar in form factor to HDDs, and NVMe SSDs, which are smaller and faster.

You’ll need to reinstall the operating system on the new drive, or clone the existing drive to retain your current OS and files.

Costs vary based on SSD type and capacity. It’s best to get a quote based on your specific requirements