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Ausra, London

We really like the prompt response, the honest assessment of the problem and the fair price for such quality computer repair service. We are totally satisfied with our computer service experiences. We recommend your services to everyone.

Remis, LU3 4BU

PC Repairs – Cannot get online, wi-fi keeps diconnecting, slow internet

There can be lots of different factors why your internet keeps disconnecting or is very slow. First of all try to connect internet through your tablet or phone. If internet is working fine on your mobile gadget, there is a problem with your computer. Your desktop definitely needs a cleanup. Too much unwanted programs or spyware is using your computer’s internet connection for their purposes. We can clean up your PC and this will greatly improve speed of your internet. Just give us a call or book an engineer online.

If internet is badly slow or keeps disconnecting on all devices you use – there can be problems with router or wireless router configuration. To check that – try to connect your computer through cable. Just don’t forget to turn your wireless adapter off first. If your internet connection gets stable and much faster – you need to tune up your router. This means your wireless router interrupts with wifi networks around your home. We can help you with this. Router configuration greatly improves your internet connection speed. Use our booking system online to schedule a computer engineer visit.

Sometimes there is a fault in your DSL or Fibre optic line. In this case we can test all internet connection problems, check maximum speed available on your home and if yours is significantly slower call your internet provider on your behalf and schedule an internet provider engineer visit, who will fix all line problems.

Just call us or use our booking online and describe problem as much as possible. We will try to identify problem with your internet and repair all fault during our visit.

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