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Ever wished the office IT department could come home with you? With the blue screen of death flickering sadly in front of you, your home office filled with your cries of rage and despair, one foot already planted on the windowsill preparatory to hurling the beastly thing out into the street and having done with it – you’ve wondered, as have we all, what it would be like to have home computer support.

What exactly is home computer support? Home computer support is a catchall term that covers everything from serious repairs to good advice: and it’s exactly like having your own IT department. Only this one isn’t grumpy and it doesn’t leave sandwich crumbs all over your keyboard. A home computer support team will take your call, run through initial diagnoses and possible fixes over the phone – and then dispatch a qualified computer technician to take a look at the problem first hand. Good home computer support operates on a “need for speed” basis, sending quality engineers to your home as soon as possible, so you can get your PC back up and running again before you or the children go mental.

A company that does home computer support well will leave your PC in a better state after they’ve finished with it than when they started. They’ll fix your problem, but they’ll also advise you on good practice routines to ensure it doesn’t happen again – like data backup, regular defragmentation and disk cleanup. In fact, whatever your problem, if you contact a decent home computer support outfit, you should find that by the time they’ve finished you have a computer that behaves as though it is new.
Home computer support allows families to run PCs with the same ease that they are used in offices all over the UK. No-one using a work PC ever has the slightest worry with their machine – because they know that, when it stops working, they can pick up the phone and IT will be round in minutes to sort it out. With home computer support, the whole family has the same peace of mind. No more costly repairs, either – home computer support means proper maintenance and reasonable prices.

Pricing, obviously, is important – and with home computer support, as with all areas of the IT industry, it’s very difficult to know who to trust, whose prices are on the level. A good rule of thumb: anyone claiming to have a fixed price inclusive of spares is a very bad idea. Spare parts for a computer are very rarely required, but when they are they should be charged for. Excellent home computer support, like the service available from Computer Repair Ltd (, will offer a reasonable callout fee with spares charged as extra, if required. Computer Repair Ltd undertake all common home computer support for a flat charge – including internet connection problems, virus and spyware removal, system recovery, hardware diagnostics and data retrieval. That’s about right for good home computer support – an average price that covers genuine costs without hiding anything. And, of course, you’d have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re always on the end of the phone, free, for suggestion and advice.