Asus ultrabook cooling system cleaning

Our customer had a problem with Asus laptop overheating. Temperatures could reach as high as 95 degrees Celcius. Interesting that in that high temperatures ultrabook did not switch off itself to prevent CPU overheating.

Our computer repair engineer disassembled Asus ultrabook and found lots of dust and completely dried cooling paste. Paste usually dries when the laptop is constantly exposed to high heats.

Dust was cleaned and old paste was removed and replaced with new – high-quality cooling paste. Computer cleaning took around one hour and it costed a flat fee of £60.

The laptop working temperatures dropped significantly. On high load it showed only 40 degrees Celcius. Customer was really happy about the result.

If you have Asus ultrabook that is overheating – we can help. Visit our laptop fan cleaning page to book an engineer visit or call us to arrange a booking.