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Biggest computer and smatphones security threats


When most of today’s financial payments are made online, it is very important to know how to protect yourself from hackers and internet frauds. With every day identity thieves ability to steal your personal information gets better and better. Computer Repair London gives you 5 examples of popular scams today. We hope this knowledge will help you avoid any scams or frauds and help you to find out who and how they did it.

Internet thieves are always trying to create websites that look exactly like real ones, for example: PayPal. Visually they look almost exactly the same as the original website. Which means, without even noticing you can enter your login details into these websites and the thieves are sure to use them. These websites are mostly introduced by emails. Computer Repair London recommends to never open emails which say: “Your PayPal account has been blocked”, “Pleaseenter information to unblock your paypal account“etc… In these fraudulent websites the thieves may also ask you to input your personal data such as: date of birth, emails, mother‘s maiden name and other data needed to sucessfully steal from your account. Computer Repair London suggests that you do not open these emails and go to PayPal directly trought their website. Just pay attention to the web adress line, if it is not it is most likely a Phishining website. Hackers behind these websites will try to steral money from your PayPal account, break into your bank account and buy items or services online with your money. They will also try to confuse you by deleting recent transactions and disabling notifications.

computer-repair-london-phone-spyingPhone Spying
Secret documents were leaked which show that NSA (National Security Agency in USA) had and has the ability to monitor almost all smartphones’ information. They can get all your personal data – contacts, messages and even GPS coordinates. All of that without you knowing. If NSA can do that, why wouldn’t hackers and data thieves be able to do the same? Quite recently in Russia a van was caught with electrical equipment worth over 100 000 USD. It connected to all nearby phones and took a very small amount of money from peoples’ accounts to the thieves. No one noticed such small amounts being taken from their accounts, however the thieves gained a lot of money this way. No one knows how many of these vans there are and it is questionable whether they will arrive in the UK or not.

computer-repair-facebook-trojanFacebook Trojan
A Trojan Horse was recently discovered which appears as a web browser extension. When it gets into your computer it takes your Facebook login details. Then it was full access to your data and information on Facebook. Without you knowing, the Trojan can like certain pages, change you details and send links to viruses or ads.
You probably heard from few of your friends that their Facebook was hacked. Computer Repair suggests to clean up your computer and only then try to change your password. Otherwise the Trojan will get the password again and again.

computer-repair-london-samsung-trojanSamsung Exploit
Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 have a program packet called “Polaris Office” for more than a year which could be exploited by internet criminals. The exploit could have been used to steal all your passwords and personal information. The bad thing is that this safety exploit was only found after such a long time. Computer Repair London suggests to install only trusted and time -proven applications.

game-trojan-computer-repair-londonGTA V – Virus
Players are lured away to try out the pirated copy of the popular game GTA V for free, got an unpleasant gift – TROJAN. This is not surprising, as the game is currently only available on Xbox 360 and PS3. This pest can handle all your data, passwords and personal information. Only a few anti-virus programs can detect it. If you’re one of the people that have fallen to this GTA V virus, Computer Repair recommends to immediately clean up your computer and change most important passwords.

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