Browser Test 2014. Which is the best?

Web browsers are becoming the main gateway for all services on the internet. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox will be tested. Which browser is the best? There is our test.

Google chrome 31
New version of Google’s browser offers just a few new functions, but shows the areas where they are developing in. There is a new app shortcut in the bookmarks bar. With Google Chrome 31, the browser highlights the distinction between local and web applications. After version 19 Chrome has already turned into a universal browser. The program develops slowly but steadily into a universal genius browser. It is a big challenge for Firefox. Also Google chrome beats all competitors again in speed tests leaving IE11 far away.

Mozilla browser
In terms of innovations, Firefox 25 presents almost nothing new. But it is still the second fastest browser available. There are a lot more improvements in the android version of the Firefox browser. Mozilla continues positive trends for the mobile version, but announced that PC version is their priority. Everyone expected a new fresh look for version 25. Existing design caused problems for most Firefox users. Hopefully the Mozilla developers will improve it in the future.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
The latest version of Internet Explorer passes real-check. With the new browser version, the manufacturer is able to leave the dusty image of the “old” Internet Explorer for good. With Flash support in Windows 8, Microsoft is making a reasonable move. In terms of speed IE10 outran all of its predecessors, to get a place on the podium. But it’s not enough. Microsoft must make visible progress in the development to create new Internet standards.

Fastest browser
Are you looking for the fastest browser? Then use Chrome. Google chrome browser regularly beats the competition. Microsoft looks good with the IE11 in the SunSpider test, compared with all other benchmark tools, however, Chrome keeps the lead. The Mozilla browser seemed a long lost compared to the other browsers, but with the new Translator ( IonMonkey ) from Firefox, they are striking back in the business. The measurable performance gains that were initially limited, were turned right on Firefox 23. But the Google team knows how to defend themselves – Since version 29 of Google’s browser, it speeds up again and leaves the competition far behind.

Conclusion: Which internet browser is the best for you?
Working with any of the tested browsers you are not making a mistake, because the differences are small and unique. If you value the very smallest web technologies then you should take a look at Firefox or Chrome. In terms of speed Google’s browser is the undisputed leader. When Computer repair London talks about browser customizing – Firefox is at the top again thanks to numerous add-ons. If you want to install the browser with the largest user base, use the Internet Explorer! And if you cannot decide, you can easily install two or more browsers and compare them by yourself.