Comprehensive Computer Support Services

Efficient Solutions for All Computer-Related Issues

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing reliable, timely, and efficient support for all types of computer issues. From basic troubleshooting to complex technical challenges, we are here to ensure that your computer systems run optimally, with minimal downtime. Our support extends beyond mere fixes; we’re committed to empowering you with knowledge and tools for long-term tech success.


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Computer repair Ltd provides professional and affordable business IT support that ensures your IT systems are working to their highest possible standard.
We use the latest methods of preventative maintenance and diagnostic tools to ensure that the performance of your computer systems is always at its best, whilst detecting and resolving small issues before they escalate into larger problems that may cost your business more time and money in the long run.

Also we offer onsite and remote support services for all PC, network and server hardware, peripheral equipment, printers and small to medium business networks.

IT Support
Network Security
Disaster Recovery
Database Development
Installation & Upgrades
Exchange Server
Remote Desktop Services
IT Installation and Configuration

From the installation of new IT systems to configuration and hot testing of replacement equipment, we deliver flexible, scalable and above all cost effective solutions tailored to your business.
IT Consultancy

Providing the guidance you need from day 1 to ensure optimum productivity & efficiency from your IT system. We have developed short & long-term IT strategies for companies with as few as 5 users to over 750 & are experienced at providing IT advice & strategy at board level.
IT Hardware & Software Supply

We firmly believe in providing our customers with ‘the right equipment for the job and budget’ and have established partnerships with leading IT hardware and software manufacturers. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most efficient and effective IT solution possible.
Operating System Support
Upgrade (and downgrade) of core operating systems for desktop PCs and Macs, laptops and servers, scheduled updates, system maintenance, diagnostics and improved efficiency.
IT Managed Services

Our managed service combines IT consultancy, hosted services & support, allowing you to outsource all those essential but time consuming tasks to our team of specialists & freeing up time for you & your IT department to focus on projects that add value to your business.
Application Support

Our team can support initial setup and configuration of new applications for a host of programs as well as IT licence management, software upgrades and updates for the majority of your software packages including email applications, malware and antivirus software and office and accounting programs.
Remote and Onsite Support

Our technical support team are on hand 24/7 to provide remote support and, for critical issues, will have an IT engineer on site within a guaranteed 2 hours for businesses in Central London
What does Network Support include?

Network Hardware Support
Repair, upgrade and replacement of faulty equipment including routers, hubs, firewalls & switches.
Network Cabling
From maintenance and replacement of cat5 cabling to the planning and installation of new office IT networks, fibre optics and wireless network hubs and access points.
Network Performance
Diagnosing network faults and speed issues to improve the efficiency of your network and internet connection.

No matter how comfortable you are with your computer, it is also vey important to know that you will receive top-quality computer support when you need it. No matter where your computer came from and the brand of its hardware or software, we endeavour to do our absolute best to maintain those computers and make any necessary repairs as quickly as hassle-free as we possibly can.
Computer Repair Ltd. has a fantastic record for excellent customer service and computer support and want to assure our customers that our very integrity rests with the computers we work with and maintain every day. We will always do our best to make your visit with us as comfortable as we can while we assess your computer system and perform any repairs you require. We realise that it is not only important for you to have your computer fixed quickly and expertly, but that you should understand exactly what is being addressed in the repair. Whatever questions you have concerning the computer repair process will be happily addressed by our expert computer technicians.

We want your computer to last for as long as possible so that you get your money’s worth! The biggest thing we have in common with our customers is how much we care about the wellbeing and longevity of each and every computer system, and this is what sets us apart as computer repair specialists. Our customer care representatives and computer repair technicians take pride in their work providing customers like you with the highest quality computer repair and support.

Whatever questions you have about your computer in terms of functionality and repair, we are here to support you and help you take the difficulty out of making repair or upgrade decisions. Deciding how to proceed with your computer repairs or upgrades can be a little taxing, especially when you are not a professional computer technician – at Computer Repair Ltd. we completely understand what you are going through and that’s why we are completely dedicated to providing you with all the support you need throughout the entire repair process as well as ongoing customer care.

We strive to make sure customers in need of computer support receive the best care possible, as quickly as possible! Regardless where your computer came from and what problems you may be having with it, we offer our full support to get to the heart of the problem and make it better. If you are experiencing computer problems of any kind, get in touch with us.