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Laptop Repairs – Do and Don’ts for Caring your Laptop


Do you have a laptop and want to use it for long time without any problem? If yes, then you should go through the article below. Here we had discussed the do and don’t of laptop caring that will help you to avoid serious laptop issues and to avoid laptop repair costs.

Dos for the laptops caring are listed below:

  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations: At the time of purchase of the laptop you will get some instructions from the manufacturer. Try to follow all of those instructions strictly if you really want to use your system for long time with its full features. Most of the users buy laptop due to its comfort ability and portability. But they forget these features will available when your battery backup is good. By giving good care and following manufacturer’s recommendations you can use all features of your system for long time.
  • Protect the LCD display monitor: For the protection of your LCD display monitor always make sure there are no things like pencil, pen, and sticks on the keyword before shutting down. Such type of things can break the display screen, so avoid keeping these things on keyboard.
  • Regular cleaning: Proper and regular cleaning is very important for your machine. Use a soft cloth and quality cleaner to clean your laptop weekly or monthly.
  • Antivirus: To protect your system from serious problems and to avoid cost of laptop repair always use a high quality antivirus.
  • Avoid spills: Any type of spill can cause great problem for your system. That’s why when you are using laptop avoid spills like water, cold drink and tea etc.

Don’t for the laptops caring are listed below:

  • Do not use it on bed: When you will use your laptop on bed its fans’ will observe dust and waste which lies on the bed. Finally, the fans of your system will block and overheating problem will occur.
  • Don’t Place materials on it: Always avoid placing materials on your system like large sized books and metals etc. These will push LCD screen into the keyboard and meanwhile damage it.
  • Don’t use it in direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can harm your system badly. That’s why you should avoid laptop use in direct sunlight and in a dirty environment to protect it from dust.
  • Don’t place it on a soft surface: You should avoid the habit of placing your laptop on a soft surface like a blanket. Reason it can cause damage for the system easily and can increase the cost of repair.

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