MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Hard drive replacement

Customer called us with request to replace hard drive for Macbook pro. There is a lot of Macbook pro models with different hard drives installed, so we asked for serial number. It was was quite old Macbook pro laptop model from year 2013.

The client had a problem with loading Mac Operating system. The laptop just showed question mark and refused to load.

Firstly – she went to apple support. But she was told that this laptop is too old and no more supported by apple. Apple support just could confirm that this is hard drive problem and this time they were right.

Our on site support technician came with the right type of SSD drive to replace old, slow and faulty Hard drive (HDD). After initially checking the laptop – it was confirmed that this is Hard drive problem and it need replacing. Client asked if the data can be retrieved, but it was too expensive for her to recover the data from this faulty hard drive.

Computer  repair engineer opened the macbook pro and found lots of dust inside as it was never cleaned in 7 years! The dust was cleaned from the inside of laptop and all fans were cleaned as well.

The hard drive was replaced with new and fast solid state drive. The new SSD drive fitted perfectly. The whole process took around an hour to complete.

Our callout computer repair engineer reinstalled the latest Mac Os system and gave instructions to the client how to restore her files from apple cloud. Customer was very happy as she was told by apple support that after the hard replacement she need to come to apple to reinstall the operating system. So she saved another long trip to apple store! Another happy customer.