Protect Your Laptop From Overheating

Heat build up in every laptop is a problem. Actually laptops should not be used on your bed becouse this blocks off the cool air intake. Heat is the ultimate death in all electronics, more so in laptops. Follow these simple tips to keep your laptops cool, and prolong the life of the laptop & hard drive in general.
Purchase a USB cooling fan pad for your laptop This elevates the laptop for air flow under the laptop. The usb fans circulate cool air towards the bottom where the heat source is at, and also towards the intake vents.  Make sure to get one that blows air towards bottom of laptop. Cost approx £20-£40. Take a look at those very small rubber “feet” these manufactures put under the laptop. Over time these feet wear down or fall off completely, which then bring the laptop closer to the table or desk.  No air room under laptop for ANY air to circulate to the cool air intake vents. Keeping the laptop elevated on a USB cooling fan pad is the best. Another solution is to prop the back of the laptop up with a small book, or deck of cards for example. This will elevate the back so the intake vents can breathe on most laptops, and angle the laptop for better typing to!
Keep a can of compressed air around, you can find these almost anywhere, usually in the electronics department of most stores for about £5. Blast the bottom, rear, side vents of your laptop with this can of compressed air. At least once every 2 months. Once exhaust vent blocks, the laptop cannot cool the cpu or gpu unit down = OVERHEAT, random shut downs.DO NOT use your laptop on your lap, bed, carpeting or couch. Best on hard flat surface. These will suffocate the laptop from breathing, and overheat the laptop. The bed, blankets etc conform to the base of laptop, blocking all air vents off. Using on your lap is not advised either, your legs block the vents off.

What we find in many laptops is the internal heatsink fan exhaust grill becomes blocked by dust, hair etc build up.

From the outside the vents look clear, from the inside is a much different story. This build up happens with all laptops.  Once this happens the laptop cannot exhaust the heat, cannot cool down the way the laptops heatsink is designed for. And internal temperature will increase leading to mainboard failure.

If you still need a help with your laptop heating system clean up our computer repair technicians can help you to do that. We offer laptop callout cleanup service as well.

Check our laptop cleanup service page for more information and prices