We’re a full service IT consultancy

With more than 15 years in the business, we pride ourselves on the extent of our IT services. Our IT consultancy packages are designed to give your business the tools and the strategy it needs to compete. Don’t leave your IT system design to chance. Talk to the experts.

Keeping you ahead of the curve

Ever heard of Moore’s Law? It states, roughly, that technology doubles in power every two years. Modern internet and IT commentators reckon that figure is more like every 18 months. You only have to look at smartphones to see how true that is. Modern IT support is all about strategising your existing IT capability for its use in the future. Our London IT support engineers are experts in designing future-ready systems: and as a bunch of confirmed networking geeks, we know about technology that hasn’t reached the shelves yet. Keep your system ready for the next big thing: stay ahead of the curve with Visteco.

Strategy consultancy

To stay in front of the technology curve, you need to strategise your IT purchasing. Our remote IT management service is ideal. We’ll recommend a current system, leaving plenty of room to develop bigger networks, or faster data handling, as your company grows. In close consultation with you, we identify the areas of your technology ownership that have the biggest implications for your business. We’ll also look at industry-wide norms and any technologies that are used specifically by your target audience: smartphones, for instance, or tablets. Then we design or rearrange your existing IT systems to make it easier for you to progress.

Understanding where you’re coming from

We’re not like other London IT support companies. Yes, we’re geeks, and yes we know a lot about the technologies you’ll be using now and in the future. But we’re also great at communicating, and our first order of business is to find out exactly who you are and what you do. We look at your business, your industry and your business goals. We examine the stakeholders who have an interest in your IT systems: your internal and external end users, the employees who use your database or in house software programmes, and the customers who use your website. We look at where your power goes, and where it is most needed. And we look at the hardware and software you own to determine whether it really satisfies the requirements of your business and your consumers. In other words: we get where you’re coming from. And even more importantly, we get where you’re going.

Taking you to where you need to be

Our London IT support service isn’t only about helping you achieve the best possible use of your budget and resources: it’s about that too, but it’s also about looking at your future goals and helping you to get there. No small or medium business can achieve its full potential without the right hardware and software for the job, both now and in the future. Our IT consultancy looks at your goals first, and works to make your IT get you there.