NAS drive design and installation

Your Visteco London IT support service can design and install Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives for your business, giving you access to faster data retrieval and easier to use storage facilities. We can even control and configure your NAS drive remotely, operating its interface using our network access.

Streamlining your business’ data time

One of the key advantages to using NAS (apart from its relative robustness and ease of use) is the speed with which files are retrieved and served from the drive. That’s because the NAS drive is directly networked, rather than attached to one of your other servers: and because the NAS drive is only used for storing and retrieving files. In other words: we make sure your files are retrieved much faster because they’re all stored on a device that doesn’t have to expend processor energy on anything else.

Powering your ecommerce site

The speed of your business website is dictated by the speed with which it can access the files that it uses. When we set up and connect your NAS drive, we can move all the files that your company site needs to access to the device. When the site needs to retrieve or create a file, it does it without having to wait for any of the processes your main server is running. The result is a smoothly running site that gives your customers the user experience they expect – and minimises on downtime.

Easy to set up, easy to manage

A NAS drive doesn’t have any extras – and that means it doesn’t have peripherals to go wrong. We build it simply as a self contained file solution, and can monitor and run it remotely. And because the device doesn’t have to be rack mounted, we can implement NAS drives in compact offices and for very small businesses. Our NAS drives are perfect for spreading the data load for businesses with minimal server capacities.

The server that isn’t a server

For smaller businesses, which need to share files between multiple computers but don’t need a dedicated server, NAS is ideal: freeing up space on individual machines and keeping company data in one secure and easy to monitor location.

Low cost, high efficiency

Our NAS drives are low cost and highly efficient: they can significantly increase the speed of all your business critical software and hardware, without making a noticeable dent in your IT budget. As with all of our IT services, your Visteco London IT support team can recommend the hardware that best suits your requirements – financially as well as operationally.

NAS drive solutions for larger enterprises

We can design and set up clustered NAS drives for the larger business. The file storage is spread physically over several drives to ensure there’s no overload on user-intensive file retrieval requirements: for example a large enterprise class database or multiple ecommerce sites. Talk to us about the level of speed and flexibility you need with your business operations – we’ll build a NAS solution to fit.

Flexible storage for your business

Whatever the size of your business, we can build a NAS drive solution to suit your current and future needs. The NAS system is easy to expand at any time.