Keeping your networks safe – internally and externally

There’s more to network security than antivirus protection. Online attacks are getting more sophisticated and damaging – and a frightening proportion of security risks now happen inside the company. Our network security services are part of our IT service London package: ask us for a standalone security audit, or book your network security upgrade as part of a full service and support product.

Protection from online attack: ecommerce

Online attacks aren’t only dangerous for your business: they’re dangerous for your consumers too. Make sure your ecommerce website protects your customers, by protecting your site. Our IT services London include a full security audit of your ecommerce site, and an ongoing security package implementing everything we recommend during your audit. There is no obligation to buy our services after the audit has been completed – though with prices and expertise like this, we’d be amazed if you didn’t!

We take the time to combat threats – so you can relax

Implementing a proper online security regime takes time: time to specify and set up your antivirus software, time to set up and run automated backup files, and time to make periodic assessments of the threats that could put you out of business. But most of all, it takes time to keep your eye fully on the dangers out there in cyberspace, both old and new. Which is why our network security package includes dedicated ongoing support. We monitor your online and system health daily, and age constantly probing for any weaknesses that might be exploited by a virus or a malicious web user. The upshot of this is that you get to focus on growing your business, while we focus on catching the bad guys.

We protect you from internal threats

Intra-office fraud is on the rise. Our IT services London also offer a bespoke internal security service, including audit and recommendations. Our internal security audit is carried out sensitively and effectively, and its recommendations can often be put into effect without any member of staff knowing that you’ve changed anything. From intranet sites to internal and external social media and email use, we’re here to make sure your business isn’t being hurt – deliberately or otherwise – from the inside.

We’ll never let your license run out

If your antivirus software license runs out, your hardware becomes unprotected. Our IT services Lomond incorporate a full software audit, and can take control of reordering the licences you need to stay protected. We’ll even use our own industry connections to get you the best possible deal on business antivirus software renewal prices.

We keep you away from harmful sites

Online attacks come from everywhere: including other websites. Our network security service includes constant monitoring of your business internet use to identify any fraudulent or phishing activity. We’ll compile full security reports for you and maintain a list of sites to exclude from your business firewall.

We train you to be safer

There’s no substitute for being informed: and part of our IT services London package is security training for you and your staff. We’ll give you the lowdown on what to do and what not to do online if you want to avoid spyware, malware and lethal viruses.