Move your business without moving the goalposts

Office relocations don’t have to be as disruptive for your IT systems as they are for the rest of your business. Hundreds of relocating companies use our IT support in London every year to keep their systems running and their customers served throughout an entire refurbishment or relocation process. Our engineers are highly experienced in the use of swing space and interim IT installations – we’ll get you moved and back to normal in no time.

We’ll design your move in advance

Preparation is key to the successful IT move. Our engineers can help you design a transitional period for your IT department, which ensures that your end users experience little or no service disruption. We can remotely mirror your business during the move, running your website from copies on our servers – or we can arrange for a temporary IT installation to be created in your office while the refurbishment is carried out or your move is completed.

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing…

Swing space is space set aside for housing your vital IT hardware during a removal period, or a period of refurbishment. Our IT consultants can help you to design your swing space and implement it. We’ll identify the elements of your IT setup that are absolutely essential to the internal and consumer facing parts of your business, and ensure that this functionality is maintained throughout the process of the move or redevelopment.

We’ll help with your consultation process

We’d recommend getting us involved with the consultation process prior to the design of your relocation or refurbishment. As experts, we can help you to forecast and forestall problems before they become serious. We can also help you to design the new IT installation, in a way that mimics or improves on the functionality of your existing network.

We’ll transform your network when you move

If your existing network is experiencing functionality issues, or is coming to the end of its designed life, we can use your move or refurbishment to transform it. A significant amount of our relocation IT support in London is booked for this reason. When you move offices, it can be the perfect opportunity to audit and overhaul your hardware and networking arrangements. We’ll look at the bare bones of your existing network, and recommend replacements or upgrades where necessary. You’ll take possession of your new premises with a custom built network, future-proofed and ready to roll.

We do more than just networking

Moving your office is synonymous with moving your IT hardware. We’ll help you do everything – starting (see above) with the consultation and design process, and finishing with you turning the keys in your new door. We also offer post-move IT support and network maintenance, on a contract or ad hoc basis. Talk to us today about managing every aspect of your relocation.

We won’t pull the plug until the last second

There’s a moment in every office relocation when your IT installations have to be switched off in one location and switched on somewhere else. With proper planning, the whole process can be conducted without your consumers or end users knowing anything about it. Our designers and consultants will ensure that your switchover happens smoothly and quickly, at a time of day when your customers are unlikely to be inconvenienced.