Make sure your online marketing budget doesn’t waste a penny

Our search engine marketing (SEM) experts are here to maximise the potential of your online marketing budget: by combining search engine optimisation (SEO) with targeted pay per click advertising and sponsored listings. We deploy teams of advertising and marketing experts to create both long and short term campaigns for your products and services. Use our SEM services to achieve a measurable effect on your site traffic and income.

Evaluating your every move

Constant evaluation is the key element in a successful SEM campaign. Our analysts are constantly looking at the effect your pay per click advert is having on site visits and eventual sales. We perform split testing to find out which version of the ad is most effective. The same technique is applied to your landing pages – which are a vital part of your overall online marketing initiative. Our designers spend hours agonising over every element of your landing page, again often split testing various parts of the page to ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

The perfect landing

SEM isn’t just about the sponsored listing your customer sees when he or she searches for your products or services. It’s also about what he or she sees when he or she clicks on the advert. If you haven’t got a good landing page, then all of the effort you’ve put into your advertising falls at the last hurdle. Our web designers will create a selection of landing pages for your advert to point to, testing each one with target audiences to ensure your finished product has the maximum impact.

The ideal combination

It’s important not to overlook any element of your SEM campaign. Our web developers, advertising experts and campaign designers work in concert to give your paid advertising the best chance of success. That means looking at the SEO of your pages and your adverts as well. We leave no word unturned in the search for a perfect combination of elements.
You can book SEO or SEM as a standalone part of our IT services – however, we recommend that you book them both together, to get the best results from both campaigns. SEM can be an excellent way to achieve immediate, measurable increase in traffic while your long term SEO campaign builds.

The deepest analysis

Your SEM campaign is analysed using Google’s webmaster tools and analytical programs, which allow us to see exactly how your paid advertising is doing. We can see how many people clicked on your ad, against how many people hovered over it; and we can see how many of the people who clicked on the ad then went on to the part of your site you wanted them to find. With split testing deployed (see above), we’re able to look at how different wording, or different positioning of action buttons on your landing page, affects the overall success of the campaign.

Making your budget work

Because you can define everything about your paid advertising – when your ad is visible, how much you pay for each click – an SEM campaign has the potential to create outstanding returns on investment. Make sure yours is run by the experts.