Making your words count

Social media marketing has the potential to bring your brand into the hearts and minds of an audience beyond your wildest dreams. It’s unlike any other form of marketing: it goes straight to the target audience where it’s most relaxed and trusting. And it does it without breaking any rules: without fooling anyone, without making false claims, without pushing the hard sell. The only thing you need to get your brand across on social media is something interesting to say. We’re here to help you say it.

Putting your brand in the right social streams

Our social media experts know how to get your brand into the social media conversations that matter: the ones your target audience members are having. We’ll get you aligned with influential brands and businesses in your market area. And we’ll show you how to plan content in advance for a lasting effect on the social media streams you’re targeting. With Visteco on your side, you’ve got the experts putting your words out where it matters.

We love it when the plan comes together

There’s one word that says social media marketing more than any other. “Planning”. A planned social media engagement keeps your brand fresh and relevant. We’ll give you the words and subjects that enthuse your audience, and have them sharing and retweeting your posts and Tweets all year round: from product launches and special offers to seasonal posts.

More than words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words: on social media, a good movie clip is worth millions. Our IT support in London extends to full social media design and implementation, including recommending subjects for blogging, Facebook and Google Plus updating and your involvement in the Twitterverse.

Finding the right platform

One of the biggest mistakes most brands make is to try and have a social media presence on every site that comes along. Our social media marketing experts are here to help you find the two or three social media platforms best suited to your brand, and to ensure that you develop a rich and rewarding presence on each one.
Brand social media involvement is dictated by the sites their target audience uses most frequently – a design company, for instance, is brilliantly suited to visual social media sites like Pinterest. Let us take the guesswork out of your social media involvement, so you can concentrate on finding the voice you need to use.

Teaching you to talk

Successful social media marketing is about knowing how to speak, as well as where and when to speak. We’ll help you to define and refine your brand voice, ensuring that you get the tone just right when you’re talking to your customers or your staff. We can also show you how to train your employees in social media use – ensuring that your brand voice is pitched just right every time your consumers engage with them on your Facebook page or in your Twitter stream.

Teaching you to listen

Listening is a vital skill for brands engaged with social media. We’ll teach you how to make the most of your connections, by actively listening to what they say and adding valuable comments or links to their streams. Over time, you’ll find other brands and consumers are doing the same for you.