The manufacturer of anti-virus software McAfee recorded in the second quarter of 2013 under a Android malware up 35 percent

Due to the open structure of Android is much more vulnerable to malware than the mobile operating systems from Microsoft or Apple. Similarly, the proliferation of malicious programs is significantly higher than on iOS or Windows Phone.

The manufacturer of McAfee anti-virus software now gives concrete numbers to the amount of malware apps on Android. Thus, dissemination of harmful programs under the Google’s mobile operating system had increased by 35 percent in the second quarter of 2013.

The types of malware are varied, ranging from theft of banking data via expensive SMS services to Trojans, which can be used for espionage. Vincent Weafer, SVP at McAfee Labs, already recognizes a division into cybercrime gangs that align their tactics after the most lucrative form of attack.

Was dangerous, moreover, that more and more hackers would hide their pests in supposedly safe dating apps or games. Still other programs would spy on user data in the background, download them to remote servers where they would subsequently sold.