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Top antivirus programs for 2015


Best antivirus programs for your computer for 2015

Kaspersky Top best antivirus 2015 review

Kaspersky total security 2015 comes with guaranteed protection which extends across three major platforms. It is available as a suite and with a price tag of £41 for 3 computers. Providing excellent support for virus scanning, USB virus scanning and virus removal methods, this is a good value for money.

VERDICT: Kaspersky is one of the few antivirus programs that scored exceptionally high rating after testing them in antivirus testing labs such as ICSA labs and West coast labs. So we don’t have to really give a verdict of excellent, when testing labs put a product on top
Performance: 4.5/5
Protection: 4.5/5

Avast Top best antivirus 2015 review

Avast Premier Pro 2015 is one of the oldest pioneer in the antivirus and protection field. The new edition of the Avast Antivirus does not disappoint its fans either. It comes packed with many bonus features such as spam filters for mail applications which blocks spams and other malicious mails, provides firewall for many virus attacks, blocks sudden exploit attacks by hackers, full featured data shredder and also does a manual as well as automatic scan in the home routers for any possible security flaws in them.

VERDICT: The phishing protection provided by the antivirus software was found to be not effective and has got some reports from some of the independent labs pointing the failed phishing block tests. Can be expensive for a security software when it comes with a price tag of £42 with extra price of £51 to purchase the three licenses. Spam filter also seemed to lag a bit when it comes to filtering and blocking malicious mails as it did not block 22% of the total spams. Avast still is the best antivirus software out there but with such a high price it seems that they should have added a little more features besides the file shredder and automatic security updates.
Performance: 4/5
Protection: 4/5

AVG Top best antivirus 2015 review

AVG Protection PRO provides protection for all of devices running on android, PC and Mac with one time license purchase which may cost around £39.99. The AVG Zen tool which comes with the software can be installed on computer and can be used to analyse and detect problems with other devices running the software with the same license and also provides remote fixing of the problem. The price tag of the antivirus software is very low which the real highlight of this product is.

VERDICT: Mac OS does not support the security suite that comes with the antivirus which is kind of a let down for the apple fans and users. Apart from that this should be the choice for anyone who wants to secure their devices as it can support unlimited number of compatible devices as well as comes with a low price tag. There is also very less feature but at this price range no other software can provide you with more protection than this AVG Protection Pro antivirus.
Performance: 4.5/5

Norton Top best antivirus 2015 review

Symantec Norton Antivirus 360 is one of the most popular Antivirus software that dominated the security genre in 2014 and is expected to continue its dominance this year too. Providing an excellent real time antivirus protection, manual virus searching, virus removal, virus scanning in USB devices and an attractive and simple user interface, it comes with a price tag of 49.99$. it is also available in trial version which enables user to test run it on the machine for 60 days before they make up their mind to purchase it.

VERDICT: Coming from a reliable company, this antivirus is one the most effective and powerful antivirus in the market out there. We give for
Performance: 4/5
Protection: 4/5

Bitdefender Top best antivirus 2015 review

BitDefender Antivirus 2015 comes right out of the testing and other independent labs with high ratings and reviews. The antivirus has an advanced tools for privacy protection, password management and enhanced performance. Hands on test on the antivirus program showed that it excelled in manual scanning, password management and in quarantining malwares. It comes with a price tag of 39.95$ for the full version.

VERDICT: One of the few let down that was noticed in this antivirus program is that it could not score and perform well in blocking malicious URL from internet. Nevertheless the software comes packed with excellent tools and patches for security and protection to enhance the privacy and performance of the system, thus counter balancing the few negatives and down sides for the application.
Performance: 4/5
Protection: 3.5/5

Webroot Top best antivirus 2015 review

WebRoot Secure Anywhere Antivirus has a lot of attractive features such as ultra light application and super fast and quick installation. Does repeated scans automatically or as per the user specified parameters to delete and eliminate all the malwares and other virus traces from the system. From the lab the antivirus scored a very high rating in removing complex malwares from the system. Also comes with a variety of tools for surpassing the internet access, inflexible for the malicious malwares to terminate the software with malicious codes and can undo the damage done by a malicious software and do a system restore to an early safe stage of the system. Comes with a price tag of 19.99$.

VERDICT: the antivirus program is not without any problems or bugs. It generally takes hours for fully scanning the system and to remove the malware, which is a kind of let down. But in the up side, this antivirus is the smallest sized antivirus that is in the market at the present time. Malware clean up methods and algorithms as well as ant phishing techniques in this software is pretty impressive and is always at the top.
Performance: 3.5/5
Protection: 4.5/5

F-secure Top best antivirus 2015 review

F secure Anti Virus also comes with impressive scores and results after testing the software in the testing labs. The F Secure Antivirus has its own feature which trade marked as DeepGuard behaviour based detection kit which detects and marks the program as spam if it detects any suspicious and doubtful activity from any software in the system. The kit found to be useful and during the testing it did not falsely report any good and legal applications as spam and also helped in flagging many bad and infected programs in the system.

VERDICT: The down side with this antivirus program is that it is very difficult to complete the installation and to make the program fully functional in a given system. The antivirus program can also take administrative rights falsely gaining access to boot block and corrupting the important boot commands such as boot straps which might corrupt the operating system requiring the user to do a fresh clean full installation again, which may sometime result in the loss of data. Although getting the program to work correctly in system was a nightmare, once installed the program worked flawlessly and scored very high ratings and scores in the test lab.
Performance: 3/5
Protection: 4/5

McafeTop best antivirus 2015 review

McAfee Live Safe comes with a bundle and can protect all the gadgets in the house including PC, MAC book, Android, iOS, blackberry and kindle fire. This software comes with a price tag of 79.99$ and then the same program with the same licence can be used to protect any other compatible devices and also has the feature to add a password protection and then synchronize the same password across all the devices protected by the software. Also has the feature to save data and backup other important stuffs to cloud and then protect it by facial expression locking and voice recognition lock.

VERDICT: The only uncomfortable thing about this antivirus software is that it comes a protection suite which is not worth the money that we pay for. It is constantly reported that the protection suite has much less features than other antivirus software which offers much more features in their protection suite for much less money. But still the antivirus leads the list when it comes to the question of security for the multiple gadgets at your home.
Performance: 3.5/5
Protection: 3.5/5

Avira Top best antivirus 2015 review

Avira Antivirus 2015 fairs well in the hands on test and with other features and scores a good rating from every independent lab. The software has implemented a good algorithm to block all the malicious sites without reporting any good site with false assumption and has also developed a new feature called Do Not Track feature.

VERDICT: The only problem with the software is that it only performed normally with no outstanding features or performance. The score was mediocre and some of the features such as blocking malware, anti phishing features and its detection were found to be below average in performance. There were also a very limited and poor tech support from the developers. The software were also found to be incompatible with any version of Internet Explorer. Being free, the software does the job in providing you with no exceptional results, which makes a space which can always be filled by something better.
Performance: 3/5
Protection: 2.5/5

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