Which is better for you – tablet or laptop?

Tablet or laptop - what to choose 2014

Everyone is using tablets now for their lightweight, long battery  and simplicity. But can tablet computer replace laptop? Computer repair will try to answer to this question and summarise what is better – tablet or laptop computer.

Main difference between those two – keyboard. When you are using tablet you need to use screen keyboard, what is not the best experience. Of course you can buy external keyboard, but this requires additional expenses. If you are writing a lot – laptop will be better choice for you, because writing will be much comfortable with it.

If you prefer computer lightness, size and portability – choose tablet. This gadget will easily fit to your bag or purse and it is much lighter than laptop. You can buy an ultra book, but price tag for this type of computer if very high.

Tablets also have much longer battery life. When making tablets, manufacturers use less energy consuming components, that’s why tablet can work for 10-12 hours without charge. Meanwhile laptop with really good battery can handle 4-6 hours of work.

Tablet computers are small and cheap so memory used in them considerably less than in laptops. By default tablets have 16-64 Gb of space. Laptops have a lot more space for your data. For reasonable price you can buy laptop with 500 Gb – 1000 Gb hard drive. If you plan to store lots of pictures, movies or personal data in your computer, choose laptop.

Important part is CPU (Central Processing Unit). Tablets have less energy consuming components. They use less energy, but they are much slower. If you need a computer for simple tasks such as simple programs, internet browsing or music listening – tablet is perfect for you. But if you plan to use complex and a lot of processing power hungry programs, choose a laptop with Intel i5 or i7 processor.

Operating system is different in tablets and laptops. Most laptops comes with windows systems, which allows you to use office and graphic design programs. Almost all tablets comes with android operating system. If you are simple user – android has almost all apps you can possible need. But if you plan to use your computer for professional programs such as Photoshop or Video editing, then your choice must be a laptop.

Conclusion. Tablet is better as second computer. It is very good to check morning news or facebook. It is very good for long travels – to watch a movie or play a simple game. Laptop computer is still better and more universal for now. It is a bit more expensive but does much more than a tablet.