Why Your Next Computer Should Be a Mac

Here are no doubts that one need to choose the mac over a PC and the major thing behind the reason is mac running OS X. That is the reason you would feel more productive and reason for your happiness. And the best part is having Mac is good value for money although the cost of the mac is not that less, but still it would keep you safe from the hassle of PC repair again and again. These are the reason to justify your decision.

Enjoy Predictions– Anyone who has gone through the indignity is considered as Kernel Panic and so considered as the Macs are not bullet proof. But, when you work for longer hours on the PCs and Macs and talk regarding the same to various manufacturers, then they would make sure that Mac is quite less flaky compared to having an average PC. You need not to rush for MAC repairs as soon as you would have to go for PC repairs and reasons for same include suffering from fewer inexplicable slowdowns, crashing down Macs, not having enough memory, takes little longer time to boost up and shut down.

There Is No More Security Issues– When someone decided to thrash OS X with the similar intensity that have been used for windows, then users would experience the indisputable support from Mac compared from previous one who needed quicker MAC repairs. Presently, a MAC owner if not using any security software means running the Mac to the less risk of getting infected by the spyware or virus infection comparing windows user who protects their PC from viruses regularly. Reason is, security meltdown of Mac is quite hard.

No More Nonsense-Windows are better operating system when it is not smothered by adware, demoware or any other unwanted ware. They are splay onto the Start Menu, System Tray and the desktop there by many PC manufacturers. On the other hand, Macs are free from all such nonsense.

Having Details- One can have a Windows PC having similar Mac’s CPU speed, hard drive space, RAM and other specs and that also at the very less money, but still, one can’t have an AC adapter with hooks, that is valuable for cord when travel as can wrap that up. Also, it has MacSafe connector that keeps it safe when unknowingly yanked out of the computer. The touchpad is also off compact size that is having multiple touch gestures to make done entire work odd documents and surfing the web.