Your XP/Vista/7 Installation CD / DVD is Important

When we get users whose Computer don’t boot up and need a computer operating system repair, not having your windows CD or DVD can be an issue in some cases. Some customers were only have recovery CD / DVD from the company they bought the Computer from, this can be a problem when trying to safe personal data.

Operating System CD/DVD

An operating system CD or DVD is a disk that contains the installations files for installing an operating system. It can be windows XP, Vista, or 7. This is the best CD/DVD to have for critical situations because our Computer repair technicians are able to do an operating system repair and keep all your personal data, documents, pictures.

Recovery CD/DVD

A recovery CD/DVD and recovery on a separate hard drive partition are a big problems to work with. For the reason that they only give Computer repair technician the option to recover your personal computer to the day you bought it. This means that you will loss of all your personal data, documents and pictures. This is bad option for most computer users because losing their personal data and pictures can be unimaginable. We can only hope that the major Computer suppliers will change this process and start providing installation CD’s or DVD’s.

Is it possible to Keep your Personal data and documents with a Recovery CD

Computer repair Ltd has special linux based CD that enables us to boot your Computer without built in operating system. We can upload all your personal data, documents and pictures to our external data storage, perform a recovery and put your personal data back to your Computer so you experience 0% data loss.

Now most of laptops or desktop computers do not have additional CD or DVD recovery. They are built in on separate hard drive partition to make it easy to restore your data. But the problem starts when you need to change or replace your hard drive. Then your genuine windows can be lost forever.

Our computer repair engineers know what they are doing. They have all tools to transfer your genuine windows system to your new hard drive.

No recovery partition for windows 10

Most laptop or desktop makes do not store any of recovery data on your computer hard drive. There is simple no recovery available. You need to use only recovery available from Windows 10. This does not restore all programs that came with original package. Computer repair hopes this will be resolved soon.