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On the spot computer repairs London. Local, affordable computer repair in London. Don’t lose your computing power for days at a time. Call our local, affordable computer repairs London service for quick response to all your problems. We offer the full package – diagnosis, repair, support and advice.
Our local experts will visit your home or place of business, diagnose your problem on the spot – and can often fix your laptop or PC without taking it away. Our engineers carry a huge range of parts, suitable for fixing most common hardware problems. All of our callout PC repairs people are qualified software engineers, who can sort any issue from networking problems to blue screens.


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Computer repair London

Computer repair Logo

Next day service for laptop repair London

In the unlikely event that we need to take your laptop away for further investigation, we offer a next day return service to keep you running as smoothly as possible. We also offer next day returns for PC repairs London.

Hardware repairs and diagnosis

Hardware problems can cause error messages, boot failures and erratic or poor performance. Our qualified system engineers can diagnose and fix motherboard faults, faults with the hard disk or memory, power supply failures, keyboard problems and graphics card issues. Call us to arrange a diagnosis and repair today. We offer same hour attendance service for emergencies.

Software repair and diagnosis

Our PC repair London experts are qualified in software engineering and have an extensive familiarity with all the major operating systems. Just let us know what version of Windows or Mac OS you’re running, and we’ll do the rest. We offer software upgrade, reinstallation and data recovery.

Backup for laptops and PCs

Our computer repairs London team sets up backup routines for all operating systems and computer types. We’ll safeguard your business data, keep your website running when your server goes down and make sure your personal files are always retrievable in the event of a hardware or software problem. Talk to us about setting up a regular backup today. The process takes minutes, and can save you a lifetime’s worth of data.

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Phone diagnosis of common computer issues

Many common hardware and software problems can be diagnosed over the phone. When you call our computer repair London team, we’ll do our best to narrow down the probable causes for your fault during the conversation. Your computer technician will then attend your home or business with the equipment he or he needs to rectify the situation. If the solution proves more complex, we can still fix your machine on the spot in nine out of ten situations. And our next day repairs guarantee on more complicated problems means you’ll be up and running again within 24 hours if we need to take your PC or laptop away.

Remote computer repairs London

Our remote computer repairs software enables our engineers to conduct most common fixes over the internet. If you have a working internet connection, let us know when you call. We’ll use our software, with your permission of course, to get into your system and rectify any faults immediately. You get instant repairs, and we get to keep our costs down by saving on time and fuel: a saving we can pass straight on to you.

Data recovery

We use a purpose built Linux operating system, which we can temporarily install on your machine if it isn’t possible to boot it up using the existing OS. Once inside the system, we copy all of your personal data – files, folders, pictures, movies – onto an external storage medium (usually a USB hard drive or a DVD/CDR). With your important data safely backed up, we can restore your system to the way it was the day you bought the machine, and then move all your data back to where it should be.

Connectivity and broadband

Broadband in the UK is still notoriously slow – and crowded bandwidths can make surfing at peak times almost impossible. We know how to configure your network so your connection always performs at its optimum speed. Call us today to book a no obligations network and broadband audit. We’ll show you how to make the most of what you have, and how to avoid the problems most commonly associated with UK broadband use.

Computer repair London prices

Our computer repair London prices start from just £30. We’re able to keep our prices low because we don’t have to pay rent on a commercial or industrial property: and because we can maintain and fix most computers and their issues using a remote or callout service. Get in touch with us today – call for a quote, or email us at

Computer repair London quality

We’re accredited by CISCO, Microsoft and Oracle, as well as a number of networking and computer repair organisations. You can see our full list of accreditations at the bottom of this page. Your repair computer London needs are taken care of whatever system you run.

Computer support

Your computer repairs London experts also offer a full support service: from setting up new machines and operating systems to maintaining your existing hardware, software and networks so you get the best possible performance from them. Call us on or email, to arrange a free maintenance consultation. We’ll advise you on the best maintenance plan for your requirements, whether it’s a one-time visit to get you started with your new laptop or an ongoing small business maintenance contract.

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What clients talking about us

Just had my laptop resurrected and the engineer was fantastic. Very patient, very knowledgeable and knew exactly what he was doing. If I ever have another computer problem, I’ll definitely give these guys a call. Great price, Great job, thanks a lot!

Siu Mun Li, E12

I have used Computer repair Ltd for a very long time and have always been pleased with the services and staff.

Juliet, RM8

Computer repair Ltd always provides immediate attention to computer problems. I am very proud for the professional business services they provide to our company. I recommend them as a quality organization that can handle all of your computer needs.

Robert, DA4

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