Computer Repair Ltd takes pride in its extensive portfolio of successful case studies, showcasing our proficiency in providing top-notch computer repair services across various London locations. With a wealth of experience, we have undertaken thousands of repair tasks, addressing issues ranging from laptop malfunctions to MacBook glitches, and even meticulous fan dust cleaning.

In the vibrant tapestry of London, our skilled technicians have become the go-to experts for individuals and businesses grappling with computer-related challenges. Our case studies are a testament to the diverse scenarios we have encountered and conquered, earning the trust of our satisfied clientele.

In the realm of laptop repairs, we have demonstrated unparalleled expertise in diagnosing and resolving issues that span hardware glitches, software malfunctions, and everything in between. From cracked screens to malfunctioning keyboards, our meticulous approach ensures a comprehensive resolution that goes beyond mere quick fixes, providing lasting solutions that stand the test of time.

MacBook repairs represent another dimension of our proficiency. Our technicians, well-versed in the intricacies of Apple’s sophisticated technology, have successfully tackled a spectrum of issues – from performance bottlenecks to intricate software hiccups. Our case studies illuminate our commitment to preserving the sleek functionality of MacBooks, ensuring that users experience the full potential of their devices.

Fan dust cleaning might seem like a routine task, but our case studies highlight the transformative impact it can have on a computer’s performance. We have systematically addressed overheating issues, optimising the airflow within systems and safeguarding components from potential damage caused by accumulated dust. Through our meticulous fan dust cleaning services, we have revitalised computers, enhancing their efficiency and prolonging their lifespan.

Our case studies not only document successful repairs but also underscore our commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand the urgency that often accompanies computer malfunctions, and our swift, reliable services reflect our dedication to minimising downtime for our clients.

As we delve into the intricacies of our case studies, one can discern the common thread of excellence that runs through each repair task. Our technicians, armed with in-depth knowledge and a customer-centric approach, navigate the complex landscape of computer repairs with finesse. We take pride in our ability to demystify technical jargon, providing our clients with clear, concise explanations of the issues at hand and the steps taken to rectify them.

In conclusion, the case studies of Computer Repair Ltd paint a vivid picture of our prowess in the field of computer repairs. From laptops to MacBooks, and fan dust cleaning to intricate software solutions, our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. We stand as a reliable partner for anyone seeking swift, efficient, and customer-friendly computer repair services in the dynamic city of London.

Desktop pc computer cleaning service London front dusty

This is the dustiest computer we’ve ever cleaned

One of the most dusty desktop computers we have ever cleaned. The outside was so dusty that all airflow openings were completely blocked. No airflow was flowing in or out of the computer. The customer called us right on time […]
Sdr Vivid

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Hard drive replacement

Customer called us with request to replace hard drive for Macbook pro. There is a lot of Macbook pro models with different hard drives installed, so we asked for serial number. It was was quite old Macbook pro laptop model […]
Motherboard Repair Ddr Ram Socket Resoldering And Replacement

DDR 4 memory socket replacement for Asus motherboard

The customer asked us to repair a broken memory socket in the expensive Asus x99 desktop motherboard. The socket was damaged while taking graphics card out. The motherboard was unusable as memory chips were not working. It was an expensive […]
Sony Vaio How To Upgrade Hdd To Ssd

Sony Vaio laptop Hard drive replacement

The customer contacted us because of the hard drive issue with the old Sony laptop. There was the message with smart protection and it meant that it can be imminent hard drive failure. The laptop work was slowing down constantly for […]
Razer gaming laptop 1Tb Samsung SSD

SSD drive upgrade for Razer Gaming laptop

The customer enquired about SSD upgrade for gaming laptop Razer. But he did not know what exact SSD model he had inside. We have checked what is the hard drive inside a particular model. It was Nvme M.2 Solid State […]
It Support

New Laptop setup and installation

We were called to the small office to prepare three new laptops for work. Company in IG6 called Us before with the question which laptop computer is good for everyday office tasks for the right price. We did a small […]
Gaming Laptop Cleaning Services London Essex

MSI Dominator powerful gaming laptop fan cleaning

Customer contacted us on Facebook with enquiry about gaming laptop cleaning. This was really powerful and expensive MSI Dominator series gaming laptop and customer was not sure if we will be able to clean it without any damage to the […]
Hp Touchsmart 520 All In One Pc Fan Cleaning Services Londonimg 20190920 115544

HP TouchSmart 50 All-in-one PC fan cleaning

We had a task to clean all-in-one HP TouchSmart Desktop computer fans as the PC was overheating a lot. After turning on – the computer could work only for few to several minutes before switching off by itself. The customer […]
Dell Laptop Fan Cleaning Services London

Dell XPS p56f fan cleaning

The customer sent us an enquiry about laptop cleaning services for Dell XPS high specs laptop. It was heavily used for three years and wasn’t clean for this period. The laptop started to heat up even on the light use. […]
Hp Omen Fan Coling System Cleaning

Hp Omen gaming laptop fan cleaning

The customer called with the overheating issue with HP Omen gaming laptop. When playing games or using high resource-demanding programs, laptop fan becoming very loud and the laptop got very hot too quickly. Our laptop repair engineer came to East […]
Asus Ultrabook Fan Cooling System Cleaning

Asus ultrabook cooling system cleaning

Our customer had a problem with Asus laptop overheating. Temperatures could reach as high as 95 degrees Celcius. Interesting that in that high temperatures ultrabook did not switch off itself to prevent CPU overheating. Our computer repair engineer disassembled Asus […]
Msi Apache Pro Laptop Fan Cleaning London

MSI Apache pro gaming laptop cooling system cleaning

The client booked online engineer visit for laptop cleaning services in Abbey Wood. One of our engineers came the very next day to clean MSI Apache pro gaming laptop. MSI laptop was heating too much for its age and too […]
Acer Gaming Laptop Cleaning Woolwich London

Acer Predator cooling system cleaning

We were called by the customer who experienced very high temperatures even on low loads for his Acer Predator gaming laptop. Temperatures were so high as 98 degrees! Our cleaning service came to the rescue. Our laptop cleaning engineer visited […]
Dell Xps Laptop Cleaning

Dell XPS fan system cleanup

Powerful Dell XPS laptop was overheating constantly making the laptop to work unstable and keep crashing constantly. The client wanted us to visit Muswell Hill to clean his laptop on-site. We came to N10 in London and cleaned Dell XPS laptop […]
Sony Vaio Fan Cleaning Services

Sony Vaio fan and cooling system cleaning

We have just cleaned dust from Sony Vaio laptop cooling system. We were called to come to south East London and clean customer’s Somy laptop.  There was an overheating problem with the Sony laptop. After checking up we found that fan […]
Lenovo Laptop Fan Cleaning London

Lenovo Z70 laptop fan cleanup

We have cleaned cooling system for Lenovo laptop computer. Customer was worried that the laptop is getting very hot. Lenovo computer even started to shut down itself what is really bad for all laptop components. After some time of overheating, laptop […]
Mac And Windows Laptop Keyboard Replacement Windows 4

Keyboard replacement for Sony Vaio laptop

Computer repair customer called with the quote to replace the keyboard for Sony Vaio laptop. He was told by high street repair services that this will cost £80. We have checked and found that it can be replaced for £50. […]
Petya ransomware virus

Latest ransomware attack – should I need to be concerned?

What is this? This is a malicious software that locks up computer data and encrypts it with unbreakable encryption. Then you are asked for a random sum of bitcoins (virtual currency) to decrypt it. It ATTACKS USER COMPUTERS AS WELL. […]
Critical alert Microsoft virus

Critical alert fom Microsoft virus

Recently many customers call us with this kind of problem. It looks like it appears out of nowhere and many computer users get panicked and call this support number. It looks like genuine Microsoft support. In some cases it even speaks […]
Tablet computer repair London

When You Are Using Your Tablet as a Main Computer

When your system has goes for computer repair or you can’t afford a new computer right now, then no worries, as you can use your tablet as the main machine. Many people have the doubt regarding the fact that they […]
Laptop Liquid Damage Computer Repair Ltd London

Immediate Steps to Water Damaged Laptop

Having a water damaged laptop? It is quite huge issue needed to get immediate attention. When this happens to someone, usually they have two thoughts in mind. Whether the problem can be fixed with laptop water damaged repair or it […]
Virus removals London, spyware removals

When is the Time to Recover from a Virus Attack

Clicking to an unknown email attachment might be the virus, which can possibly infect your system. This might also infect your system, which you have picked from your friend’s computer or sometimes it unwillingly passes to your computer. Having a […]
Laptop repair London

When Your Laptop Is Running Slowly?

Are you dealing with the issue of slow computer or it keeps on whizzing? Then, before jumping to conclusion that you need a new computer, you need to go with the computer repair that can be done by following some […]
Virus removal London

FAQs When the System is affected with Virus

Having a virus attack to the computer may leave many bad effects like whether the important file in the system is corrupted or may be deleted. Having a virus presence not just move the files, but also affects the operations […]
Considerable Things When Planning to Buy New Laptop

Considerable Things When Planning to Buy New Laptop

Many a times, this happens to you that you are having the desktop, but due to some reason, you need to go for desktop computer repair after small intervals. This is the most annoying thing for anyone. So, this is […]
Fixing Some Common PC Emergencies

Fixing Some Common PC Emergencies

In today’s time, one’s PC is not that essential as the smartphone, but still it does many important works for you. So, the importance of having a proper working computer is quite high. So, when you are having any PC […]
Warning Signs That Your System Is Virus Infected

Warning Signs That Your System Is Virus Infected

Today number of people has increased dramatically who are using theinternet quite often and this gives the opportunity for the cyber criminals so that they can take advantage of our systems. We are more dependent to the online environment, so […]
This Is the Right Time To Replace The Battery

This Is the Right Time To Replace The Battery

Batteries of the phone or laptops don’t last forever. They used to get charged for a cycle. Using the battery would degrade with the time and slowly you would have less battery life. Eventually you need to go for the […]
Some Common MacBook Issues and How To Fix Them

Some Common MacBook Issues and How To Fix Them

This is the maximum number of people believe that mac is perfect and in case, you would have one, then definitely would not encounter with any of the problems. This is just a myth and nothing else, which you would […]
Indications that You Need Laptop Repairs

Indications that You Need Laptop Repairs

Laptops today are designed so that very less damage happens to them, but still, there are some unfortunate situations when possibly you need to get done with the laptop repair. There are some of these problems that can be undone […]
Why Your Next Computer Should Be a Mac

Why Your Next Computer Should Be a Mac

Here are no doubts that one need to choose the mac over a PC and the major thing behind the reason is mac running OS X. That is the reason you would feel more productive and reason for your happiness. […]
Laptop or computer Repair What Choice Do You Have

Laptop or computer Repair: What Choice Do You Have?

In present world, laptop or computer becomes one of the most significant daily used gadgets. These devices can enhance your productivity. There are thousands of things that can be done easily by the help of these gadgets. You can access […]
Laptop repairs London

5 Effective Tips to Avoid Computer Repair Problems

Are you familiar with computer? Do you know after 2 or 3 years of purchase most of the computers or laptops cause different types of problems? The problem may be minor or major like PC freeze or crashed hard disk. You […]
Laptop repair London

Quick Laptop Repair Techniques

Laptops and ultrabook computers have become a very important part of today’s life. These are the most compact devices, built for easy to use, carry and handle. They don’t need much space and specific set-up area to use unlike desktops. […]
Ways intro

Ways to speed up your computer

Rebooting your system is an obvious first step. It is the best way to remove temporary problems. Furthermore, try vacuuming any dust out of your system. It can result in overheating which can slow everything down, as this impedes airflow. […]
Computer repair, Laptop repair, PC repair

How to Get the Best Computer Repair Service

Have you any problem with your laptop or computer? Are you looking for a repair center or shop? If yes, then you should read the given below information before contacting to any computer repair service. By the help of this […]
Laptop repair London

Computer or Laptop Repair – 7 Reasons Why your PC Crashes

Are you facing sudden crash problem in your laptop or computer? Do you want to know the actual reason why your system crashes? If yes, then here is the information which you are looking for. Hardware conflict: Hardware confliction is […]
Computer repair engineers

Computer or Laptop Repair – Are Repair Books Helpful?

In present time, computers become an essential part of any type of business. So there is a need for constant maintenance and repair to keep them in accurate, precise and excellent working condition. You should learn basic laptop or computer […]
The Five Most Expensive Computer Repairs

The Five Most Expensive Computer Repairs

Computer and laptop are requirement of today’s world. By giving proper care, you can use these systems of long time without any problem or issue.  Your little mistake or carelessness can cost you several dollars for the computer or laptop […]
Laptop repairs London

Top 7 Tips to avoid Computer and Laptop Repair Costs

Do you know that you can avoid unnecessary computer repairs easily? Want to know how? Then read this article carefully, you will surely get useful information. Avoid Using Liquids While Using Your Computer: You should avoid all types of liquids […]
Map of real time war on computer crimes

Reputable Computer Repair Service Is A Must

The world runs on technology and it is unavoidable that you’ll need a computer repair service. You’ll at some point soon need repairs, upgrades, installations and upkeep services for your computers. This is even more significant when you have a […]

In Home Computer Repair Should Be Your First Choice

There are 2 facts of life each computer user has to face. First off at some point a computer will break down. Second , life will be sad while it is becoming repaired. There’s nothing that may be done to […]

Buying Computer Repair Technician Tools

So you have ultimately decided what you need to do with your life. You like computers and you are smart with them, and perhaps you want to go and be a computer repair technician. Well if this is what you […]

The Nuances Involved in Home Computer Repair Rates

Like other machines computers also need correct handling, a regular maintenance and new updates to perform exceptionally and reduce the probabilities of breakdown. Unlike most companies, homes don’t have the concession of having an IT expert on board. Stupidity about […]

A Computer Repair Technician Career Has Bright Prospects

There are 2 main factors which make a computer repair technician career a fascinating one. Firstly is the proven fact that with the augmenting application of computers system in new areas, the requirement for folk to maintain and repair them […]

Bogus iPad Offer on Facebook

Sophos has posted an article about a fake offer regarding the upcoming gadget from Apple, the iPad. The team behind the spam sets up a Facebook page where it encourages a user to become a fan of its page. Then, […]

Office 2010’s Early Release

Microsoft has set the official launch date of its next Office software suite. The date is May 12 for enterprises with volume license agreements. For consumers, unfortunately, they could not get their hands on it until a month later. The […]

Opera Bug

An Opera bug was disclosed Thursday by Vupen Security. “We believe that the bug primarily causes a crash, and that exploiting the vulnerability to execute code is extremely difficult, if not impossible,” said an Opera spokesman. “In our testing, DEP […]

Opera 10.50 for Windows

The fastest web browser for Windows’ is now available with Opera 10.50 according to Lars Boilesen of Opera. The chief executive said, “Opera 10.50 is the fastest browser in almost all speed tests. But, more important than any speed test […]

Malware Lab’s Rogue Gallery

The Rogue Gallery “The Rogue Gallery, powered by the Malware Labs at Lavasoft, is a resource dedicated to keeping computer users safe from rogue security software. By providing a comprehensive database of current rogue security applications, you have the ability […]

25 Million Strains of Malware Identified in 2009

“More than 25 million new strains of malware were created last year, says PandaLabs. According to the security vendor’s Annual Malware Report, the number of new versions of malware identified has topped the 15 million identified throughout the company’s 20-year […]

Why “Prey” can help you recover your stolen laptop

Every day we read in the news about laptops getting stolen, sometimes from the backs of cars or from under seats in coffee shops, maybe from hotel rooms and even from inside our homes, anywhere in fact. Laptops are valuable, […]

Vista Guardian Virus Removal

Vista Guardian is one of the latest fake anti-viruses to cross the internet and infect on computers around the world. Our staff has categorized this as Malware and will be happy to assist in removing it. Vista Guardian is a […]

Don’t Fall for Software Gimmicks

Don’t end up spending up to £50 on something that isn’t going to work, learn why Support Nerds is the smart choice and guaranteed choice for your PC. We can solve many issues that software can’t even notice. A lot […]

Anti-Virus 2010 Vista Removal

Anti-virus 2010 Vista (Shown in picture) is a virus itself. It is not anti-virus software and is classified as malware and can be hazardous to your PC. The virus infects deep into the registry and in some instances has been […]

Your XP/Vista/7 Installation CD / DVD is Important

When we get users whose Computer don’t boot up and need a computer operating system repair, not having your windows CD or DVD can be an issue in some cases. Some customers were only have recovery CD / DVD from […]

Signs Your PC Might Have a Virus

Computer repair Ltd presents common signs that your PC is infected with a virus, rogue or malware. If you think you can have a virus, reading this can help you verify if you need our computer repair service. YOU MIGHT […]

Anti Virus 2010 Removal Support

Anti virus 2010 – malware virus which attempts to confuse Computer users into thinking they are infected with multiple viruses and push a them to buy the anti virus protection. This is a lie and Anti virus 2010 is a […]

Malware Defender Virus

Computer repair Ltd has detected a recent thread of the virus “Malware Defender”. Malware Defender is a malware virus to attempts to confuse users that it is anti-virus protection and locks down your PC and confuses you into thinking you […]

HDD Diagnostic Tool Virus

The HDD Diagnostic tool is a virus that imitates a system hard drive diagnostic tool such as disk defragmenter and confuses computer users to believe that HDD Diagnostic tool is a virus. It then attempts to convince computer users that […]

How to Spot Malicious Anti-Virus Programs

A growing problem on the internet s that of the rogue anti-virus infection, also known as software gimmick. This program pretends to be an anti-virus utility, but is actually just adware infection. It is often also accompanied by one or […]

Virus forces people to uninstall their antivirus

In a press releases Symantec warns that the rogue AV Antivirus will give users a warning telling that there is a problem with their antivirus software. It will force them to remove it immediately. The rogue will display a “security” […]

Be Careful of Tune up Programs

With a good number of cleanup and tune up programs available throughout the internet, it is important to be careful what you download and run on your computer… In today’s market, there are tons of free “Cleanup Programs” out there. […]

Protect Your Laptop From Overheating

Heat build up in every laptop is a problem. Actually laptops should not be used on your bed becouse this blocks off the cool air intake. Heat is the ultimate death in all electronics, more so in laptops. Follow these […]

Google warns computer users infected with spyware

While performing routine maintenance Google discovered unusual patterns of activity. They were able to determine this corresponded to a group of users that had been infected with spyware. Google has been showing a warning message at the top of search […]

Max My Speed Dot Com “ Don’t Do It “ Scam

Another advertisement for on line pc computer repair on TV tonight –, using there paid software. Decided to check this site with clean running, no problem laptop here. This laptop just had it’s hard drive replaced, and Windows 7 […]

Why Use Cloud Computing Services

Some of the best computing companies provide cloud services, such as Apple’s MobileMe and iWork, or Google Apps, that allow you to access email, contacts, calendar, photos, movies, documents, backed-up items and more via the internet. With cloud services you […]

Security Shield 2011 Rogueware

Security Shield 2011 is the latest fake anti spyware program. With the help of trojan, fake various websites and spam emails it pretends to be anti spyware program that can get rid of variuos”viruses” from your computer. Once installed it will […]

Top UK broadband complaints list

The most complained internet and phone services provider is TalkTalk. From April to June, it topped the list of angry customers, while Virgin Media attracted fewest complaints. However, TalkTalk had got better since last year. In mobile internet, the most […]

The Social networking – threat to computer Security

Computer repair engineers know too well about the security threats in the cyber world. Virus and malware removal is usually on the most required services for computer repair businesses. There are a number of hardware and software tools that are designed […]

How to avoid facebook virus

Facebook virus spreads further. The Facebook virus is typically spread through an email or a wall post from one your Facebook friends. Viruses such as Koobface hack into one of your friend’s Facebook accounts and may send you the following messages: […]

How Windows 8 will look like

Windows 8 OS will be launched in fall 2012, based on off-the-cuff executive statements and leaked schedules. Microsoft insists that all Windows 7 apps will run in Windows 8, and that any machine that can run Windows 7 can run […]

Chrome Overtakes Firefox by grabbing 26% of global market

Google Chrome has surpassed Mozilla Firefox and become the second most used Web browser in the world. According to Web analytics company StatCounter Chrome took 25.7 percent of the worldwide market. And now it is a second most used Web […]

Metropolitan Police virus warning

“METROPOLITAN POLICE” Attention! Illegal activity was revealed! DON’T PAY – IT’S A VIRUS !!! This is the fake virus warning which has nothing to do with the Metropolitan Police of Great Britain. This is just the next fraudulent way developed […]